Datwyler 1HE 1/2 achterwand met 4 x M25


For every application with optical fibers (fiber Optic). Distribution of fibre optic cables (brakout, loose tube) with a cable distributor or a splice box. The front plate is standardised version has got hole for fixing SC, SCD, LCD and ST couplers.

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Datwyler 24V E-2000 1HE frt Ral 7035. genum. met geleideschroef

1HE front 24 voudig E-2000 Ral 7035.met geleideschroef, genummerd 1-24 (boven)

Datwyler 1HE 1/2 blindachterwand

1HE 1/2 blindachterwand

Datwyler 12V SC duplex frt 1HE Ral 7035. genum. met geleideschroef

12 voudig SC duplex front 1HE Ral 7035. genummerd A,B 1 tot 12 met geleideschroef

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